Get Busy Living

It comes down to a simple choice: get busy dying or get busy living. The beauty of Christianity is that we’re all given a choice, a choice that could essentially make or break us. God gives us a choice of whether or not we want to follow Him. By making the choice to follow Him, we change how we are seen through everything. The way you live your life says a lot about you. If you don’t exude Christ, people will notice. Making the choice to follow Jesus is one that should be done with your whole heart. You can’t be lukewarm. If you want God to change your life and want to change the lives of others through your faith, lukewarm isn’t an option. You can’t choose what you want to give up to him. You can’t choose one day to live for him and another to not. Your pursuit after God has to be steadfast. I’ve had many years to learn this, and still am. I’m no where near perfection, and never will be. But as long as I continue to live lukewarm, I’m not living. I’m not only not living, I’m not living out God’s purpose he has for me. Therefore I have to make a choice, a daily choice or really, a constant choice to get busy living.



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