I remember you

I remember your face..
but when it starts to fade,
I don’t see you anymore..
We used talk about absolutely nothing
and we would still be fine..
I remember you there..
looking down at me calling me your baby girl,
giving me candy every time I visited you-
you lived so far away but you were my best friend..
I never thought your life would end like that..
me sitting there wondering how I’m gonna get through
life without you,
But then I remember you, and my dreams finally come
true.. I see you again..
every time I visit that spot we used to sit and laugh,
I cry because I miss you and the worst times of all are
when I see you on that back porch and I am
looking up to you and I would be thinking that I had
the best grandpa and best friend in the whole wide
I miss you and I just want you to know I’ll always
think about you and remember you until the day I
die and see my best friend again.


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