A Daring Thought

Today is the day

that I am obliged to say

my heart is at bay

with the world’s way

of coming to play

with wars a hair away.

I contemplate the fact

that one day we will act

as if we cannot interact

with others who have our back.

I sincerely hope

that there is rope

that will help us not slope

into a drought of mope.


To see you standing there

I see you standing there..
I remember how we used to spend
everyday together…
but to my surprise.. we’re not
best friends anymore.
We used to laugh til we cried about anything
and everything..
we used to talk about how we would always
be friends..
I never thought it would end..
us being there for each other……….
but the day came that you weren’t in my
life anymore. I feel bad because I didn’t try
to save our friendship..
I realized that I wanted those times back..
but then it’s too late and then you’re not
there anymore…
and I don’t have a shoulder to cry on
when times get going tough.

I remember you

I remember your face..
but when it starts to fade,
I don’t see you anymore..
We used talk about absolutely nothing
and we would still be fine..
I remember you there..
looking down at me calling me your baby girl,
giving me candy every time I visited you-
you lived so far away but you were my best friend..
I never thought your life would end like that..
me sitting there wondering how I’m gonna get through
life without you,
But then I remember you, and my dreams finally come
true.. I see you again..
every time I visit that spot we used to sit and laugh,
I cry because I miss you and the worst times of all are
when I see you on that back porch and I am
looking up to you and I would be thinking that I had
the best grandpa and best friend in the whole wide
I miss you and I just want you to know I’ll always
think about you and remember you until the day I
die and see my best friend again.

Days go bye

Days go by and I don’t see
you anymore..
What happened?
Did you just disappear or did I do
Days go by and I see you in my dreams..
They reflect how I used to see you all the time
but not anymore..
Days go by and I remember how you used to
say how you would always be my shoulder to cry on..
What happened?
Did you just disappear or did I do something??

Close to your heart

Best friends:
will be there until the end no matter what..
are the closest people to you in your life..
make you laugh until you cry…
make you smile even when you know you are about
to cry..
go through life with you..
believe in you..

no matter how much you think you hate them
you actually love them..
these are the people you have to keep close at heart..
you never know if they’ll someday be your best friend..
so love them until the end.


Life’s a train wreck,
so heck,
I wonder why it ends in death.
Life’s a love game,
I wonder why it ends in pain.
Life’s a roller coaster,
I wonder why it ends slower.
Life’s a journey,
I wonder why it burns me.
Life’s a dance,
so I wonder why I always take
a second glance.
Life’s a joke,
so I wonder why we waste our
time just to croak.
Life’s a dream,
I wonder why the grass is green.
Life’s a blessing,
I wonder why we waste it flexing.
Life’s a climb,
I wonder about time.
Life’s a train wreck,
so heck,
I wonder why it ends in death.